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Web Development

We understand that in today’s competitive age, it’s impossible to exist, let alone get noticed, without a strong online presence. Thus, we will help build a website for your brand which is as unique as your identity and customer portfolio.

We’ll also work on creating user engagement through the website through efficient optimisation efforts so that your potential and existing customers don’t shy away from you at any given point of time. Whether you’re a new brand in the market or are already well-established since ages, you’re sure to find something that benefits your brand presence by collaborating with us.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is our core area of service because we acknowledge well that any brand today is difficult to survive without the correct promotion. And because we specialise in brand-building, we will help reach you to the top of the race with our SEO, SEM, and SMM services, App Store Optimisation, Online Reputation Management, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, branding and designing services, content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, and search engine marketing. We can feel the pulse of

the target market and devise appropriate strategies to make the most use of available media to help promote your brand.

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User Interface & User Experience Design

User experience on your website or app is a vital benchmark for higher hits and visits. The same largely depends on the user interface you provide on your site or app. So leave these two areas to us – we’re experts in designing and redesigning them – in tune with your requirement coupled with a dash of our creativity.

Our team of experts would exactly touch upon those points that seem to connect well with your target audience so they’d find it impossible to leave your site once they’re on it. Innovative designs and graphics and user engagement strategies are our forte.

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Content Management

Content is the backbone of any website promotion activity. Your website literally has no value unless it’s equipped with the right, the most relevant, and timely content. It could be in the form of text, images, or videos – but it has to strike the right note with your audience.

This is where Techtrum can help. We specialise in delivering the best-quality, relevant, and personalised content needs to our clients across the globe at the exact time promised. Our end-to-end content management solutions are carefully designed to offer a strong content architecture, responsive designs, and integrated analytics – all in tune with the latest trends.

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Web application

Apps are the backbone of any business today primarily because half the world is always online and mobile. You’d hardly find your audience sitting at one place so the best way to reach them is through apps. And we can help you get there by taking care of the entire web application development cycle – starting from visualising and planning to building the app and testing it.

We even provide long-term client support to maintain the app even after it’s been developed, successfully tested, and launched in the market so that our clients don’t feel abandoned. We also develop customised web applications to suit varied needs.

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Reporting is an equally important characteristic of any business existence. You can rely on us to deliver some great interactive reports and info graphics that meet your exact business needs.

Our team of professionals is adept in using multiple resources such as charts, maps, data grids, spreadsheets, dashboards, visualisation, and easy-to-customise content, all of which makes your business appear reliable, accountable, and attracts higher visitor hits too. Not to forget, it’s equally important for the smooth functioning of your specific business needs as well. We can prepare detailed and accurate statistical, analytical, and formal reports on trending technologies in the market.